WLMG Holding Inc. Announces Voosh Optimization Application Software Sales Agreement

May 01, 2017



Clearwater, FL., May 1, 2017/ WLMG Holding Inc. (OTC PINK: WHLX) WLMG Holding Inc. announced today that on April 28, 2017, with the assistance and cooperation of AmbiCom Holdings, Inc., (OTC PINK: ABHI), the Company reached agreement with Voosh LLC to sell the Voosh patented server and personal computer optimization application software, initially as an Authorized Voosh Agent. This patented software has been actively sold on the market now for a few years.  The optimization application software is an automated performance manager for servers and personal computers. The Company will also begin its efforts to build its own OEM (original equipment manufacturer) operating support infrastructure, including its from inception various internet based operations.

About WLMG Holding Inc.

WLMG Holding Inc. (OTC PINK: WHLX), From inception to present, the Company has continually operated and engaged in internet based operations by using internet sites for direct-to-consumers channels, including to sell licensing agreements for a fee equal to a percentage of gross receipts, including out-licensing original television programming to young adults, and various other demographics, by using internet sites for direct-to-consumer channels.  In addition, as a holding company from inception, the Company has continually actively sought and evaluated, including funding development, many viable proprietary businesses, manufacturing operations and commercial projects to either further develop or acquire as wholly owned subsidiaries within a variety of industries, including energy and its related fields. As a public holding company, we are also open to acquiring companies as wholly owned subsidiaries. Our intent is to allow the acquired companies’ management to continue to be responsible to operate the subsidiary.  The Company anticipates participating in OEM (original equipment manufacturer) arrangements whereby the Company builds its own arrangement specific operating support infrastructure.

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