Product Overview

Enterprise It Challenges

Enterprise IT is a complex and heterogeneous mix of clients, servers, networks, devices, and applications. Ensuring that all of these components run as efficiently as possible reduces troubleshooting costs, increases capacity, and can delay or eliminate the need for costly infrastructure upgrades. Failing to optimize the environment brings with it many symptoms.

The most noticeable, and costly? Poor application performance.

“Voosh LLC’s Veloxum product employs active remediation to allow you get the most out of your existing infrastructure.”

Complexity And Change Are The Enemy

Today’s IT personnel are becoming overwhelmed with the complexity of their environment, and its rapid pace of change.Most of their time and attention is spent responding to, and resolving, problems – problems which very likely occurred as a result of a mis-configuration or application conflict.
This leaves them precious little time (and very little inclination) to investigate, test, and validate further configuration changes in the hope of optimizing their environment

Veloxum Benefits

  • Increase performance without increasing hardware, software or power consumption
  • Delay or even eliminate the need to purchase additional servers or bandwidth
  • Achieve better end-to-end performance through tighter enterprise integration
  • Maximize Server Potential (download pdf)

Over Provision, Under Perform

In order to accelerate application response times and mask the symptoms of a non-optimized infrastructure, IT departments frequently over provision server hardware, or purchase application delivery controllers and WAN accelerators.Unfortunately this additional expense serves mostly to hide the root cause of performance problems for specific applications, increase the complexity of the environment, and does nothing to solve the underlying problem – an improperly tuned system.

A Better Solution: Veloxum

Veloxum was designed to unlock existing capacity in your enterprise networks, applications, and hardware components.Its flexible, modular design allows you to easily optimize configuration settings across every tier, and provides an autonomous, holistic solution for even the most entrenched performance issues.

The Veloxum architecture is a single server (virtual appliance) that collects information from the various OS and Application clients. The server correlates information and performs all calculations and makes configuration recommendations that can be applied either manually or automatically. It also stores the gathered information for reporting and trouble shooting purposes. All information is compressed to minimize network overhead and sent over standard network protocols.


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