WL54-SDIO For Pocket PC PDA And Palm Treo 700Wx

Product Description

AmbiCom WL54-SDIO Wireless LAN Card is a compact size wireless card for the SDIO capable PDAs, and other SDIO compatible mobile computing device using Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system. The card is designed in the concept to get friendly with battery. When connected to a WLAN, the card is typically in listening mode except when in the short period of time when packets being transmitted and received. That means your battery life will be maximized.

Using the built-in Microsoft's Wireless Zero Configuration Tools in latest PDAs, your new WL54-SDIO is never been easier to connect to the wireless network. AmbiCom WL54-SDIO is simple to use and Microsoft's Wireless Zero Configuration provides a quick wireless configuring for the wireless card. Just slide it into the SDIO slot of your PDA and enjoy network access, while retaining true mobility and longer battery life.

In addition to the slim and ultra lightweight SD design, the Wireless SD Card also features secure data transfer and full privacy, exceptional range and data rate, and meets WiFi certification standards for total interoperability with other 802.11b/g equipment. Now you can stay connected anywhere anytime.