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Created in 1997, Webdyn is a French company that designs hardware and software solutions for Machine-to-Machine communication (M2M) for the industrial, audiovisual, and residential markets.

Webdyn used Internet protocols to develop state-of-the-art technology that provides cost-effective, innovative remote service solutions such as remote maintenance, remote management, remote control, and remote monitoring.

Today, Webdyn is focused on the embedded Internet market and is one of the leading European developers of Intelligent Internet Gateways, which enable your equipment to communicate.

After several years of technological collaboration with major industry players on the European market, Webdyn has developed Internet gateways that are easy to integrate, competitive, and flexible.

Bosch has been around for 125 years and Bosch automotive technology has a history stretching back 114 years. At first, the company’s success was modest. The automobile was still in its infancy. Indeed, in 1897, Robert Bosch himself could not have imagined just how important his first automotive product – the magneto ignition device – would become.

Since then, what was a small sideline product has grown to become the company’s largest and oldest business sector.

Teckpro Limited is a small, dynamic company specializing in the design, development and manufacture of electronic and software products, both as standard products and on behalf of client companies in both industrial and consumer marketplaces.

Key to Teckpro’s success is the ability to either supply standard products or complete projects rapidly and to a high standard of quality thereby increasing the return on a client’s investment through early market penetration. Substantial experience of optimizing developments for high volume manufacture also enables Teckpro to create highly cost-effective products and designs which further enhance the opportunity for clients to achieve margin improvement. In contrast, bespoke designs for one-off or small quantity products can be realized to the same high standard

Video King, a growing company, is now one of the world’s largest providers of the electronic gaming devices and entertainment systems.

Today, Video King engineers both its own software and its own hardware. Video King also partners with other manufacturers in the electronic gaming industry to develop product it feels necessary for the benefit of our customers.





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